I Thought She’d Live Forever

Joni and her mom

Joni Grow McCollam and her mom

She was a little woman
But you’d never know it
With piercing dark brown eyes
A great big smile you’d see in a magazine

It was her word that you couldn’t forget
Whatever came out, you heard it loud and clear
There was never a chance you missed it
She commanded attention

She ruled everything and everyone
Her neighbours knew her wrath
Always knowing
Never backing down

The crinkles around her eyes
Gave away her secret
Always a demon to most
But deep inside an angel to us

No one knew the real her
The years mellowed that dragon inside
The fact that the world did not bow at her feet
She finally accepted it, and then the truth came out

She was the woman who stood by us no matter
The one who gave us the brutal truth always
About anything and everything
The pain of words said and lessons learned

The pride too was there
Sometimes there was a price
But it was worth it
I thought she was immortal

She left swiftly in the night
No warning or notice
Just a fierce battle and then
Her smile no more

Our hearts torn from us
Leaving us shocked
We never thought she’d leave
Never thought she’d be no more

My name is Joni Grow McCollam and my mom is Jeanne D’Arc Descoteaux (1926-2003) Montreal, Québec, Canada

I wrote this poem when my mother passed on. I love to write and am presently writing a book of poetry. Maybe someday I’ll get it finished!

About Inspired by My Mom

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