She Has Always Marched to the Beat of Her Own Drum

As a young girl I was once asked who my hero was. Without doubt I said, “my mom.” To this day, I would give the same answer. We don’t always see the accurate picture of ourselves through our own eyes. So often that view is skewed by our experiences in life, especially if that life has been a challenging one. So momma, let me show you who you have always been to me. This is who I see through my eyes…

Sabrina Allard and Her Hero, Her Mom Carolyn

Sabrina Allard and Her Hero, Her Mom Carolyn

Artist While she may not admit it, my mom is a true artist. When I was twelve, I went through some old family boxes to find paintings she had created of all my brother’s favorite super heroes, from Ironman to the Hulk. As a baker, she’s beautifully designed an array of cakes for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and more, even when her time was limited. Throughout the years, she has put her artistic touch into her crafts and home decor. Her style is unique, colorful and well thought out. She’s inspired me as a mother to bring art into our world.

Humanitarian  My mom has dedicated almost 40 years of her life to nursing and taking care of others. As a Hospice nurse for many years, she made the remainder of her patients’ lives comfortable, loving and worry free. My mom is a giver of the heart and no matter how many times it may have been broken by humanities struggles, her spirit has always remained kind and loving. She fights for what’s fair and integral for the human rights of others with compassion.

Adventurer When I was twelve, as a newly single mom, she took my 4 year old sister and I on a trip across the United States in an RV. It was a dream she always had and wanted to share that dream with us. She made sure to stop through each state so we could experience the culture and sights. She even remained patient with my adolescent moodiness, a feat not many could handle. No matter what our financial situation looked like at the time, she always made room for adventure. We took spontaneous trips to Maine, reggae concerts and whale watches. Her spontaneous nature taught me how to have fun in the moment and it’s a gift that I’ve learned to bring to my own family.

Trendsetter My mom has always marched to the beat of her own drum. It’s what truly sets her apart and makes her special. In my youth as I strived to fit in, I didn’t always appreciate this amazing attribute. While she probably didn’t set out to be a trendsetter, her commitment to the strength of individuality always put her in that position. Whether through thought, personal style or interests, she set trends without realizing it. Through the years, this example has given me the strength needed to find my own individuality. A gift I hope to pass onto my own kids

My Hero Mom, you are my hero. My heroine. My inspiration. I strive harder in life because I know all that you’ve sacrificed, loved and lost to make our lives better. A hero isn’t someone who’s perfect. A hero is someone to be admired for their courage, strength and integrity of character at the hardest moments in life. You are beautiful, kind giving and have been such an amazing role model for me to have. Your life is significant, because you have painted a beautiful and rich tapestry. You matter! I love you so much and am so proud to be your daughter. XOXOXO

Contributed by Sabrina Allard of Pinky’s Pen
“My sole purpose is to share life through my lens where I’m consciously creating enthusiasm. Known as being introspective, eclectic, fiery and creative, I strive towards finding ways of enhancing every day personal freedom. I continue on a mission to design life with vibrant style and joy.”

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